Martin Luther „The Jews and their Lies”


edited in French for the first time in 2015, editions Slapkine. Geneva, 2015


Light is energy and energy is just energy, it knows no difference between good and bad, it just is. Some walk in the dark and some in the light. Kaganof walks in the dark, he seems to have a strong tie to it, judging by the poems. The dark represents the feminine and they are Ard/Earth/chaos/t-error. It is difficult to pinpoint his modus operandi but the fact that he recites in a different voice gives one the impression that he is possessed or bears and evil incarnation. Evil is path of the course as it is counter balance of good and we all have to have it to some extent, it depends on your choice of which side of the fence you choose to walk; he seems radically on the wrong side. It seems he is devoted to Satan in corrupting souls.” (that phrase was written by the South-African intellectual Andre Martin SLADE and sent to us by e-mail last January 29th, 2021).


The also South-African Aryan Kaganof is Jewish and we can easily connect the above paragraph with the influential diatribe written by Martin Luther who wrote the influential diatribe „About the Jews and their lies” in 1543 but which was first translated in French in 2015 for obvious reasons : „„In fact, if we think of the Inquisition and the pogroms so often stirred up by the Orthodox clergy or by Martin Luther in his influential diatribe entitled „About the Jews and their Lies’, hatred of the Jews appears academic in all main branches of Christianity and it provided the Nazis with a historical precedent and moral support for their own anti-Semitism“ in John YEOWELL „Odinism and Christianity under the 3rd Reich” AVATAR editions, Nantes, 2006, pp.46-47.


And we can conclude, following Martin Luther’s words and making the parallel with Andre Martin Slade, that the Jews are „possessed by all the demons” ( 199).


written by Dionysos Andronis