„SIEGE“, an essay by James Mason, 3rd edition, 2015


written by Dionysos Andronis

„Iron March“ editions, pp.553


We have wanted to read the above essay, not yet translated into French, written by a Great Fan of Charles Manson for a long time. We had read articles on this essay in two Italian books which will be revealed to you as you read. Before we start the presentation we would like to tell you that this essay is online for everyone and that’s how we read it, although we don’t really like that kind of reading online. The first American edition was made by Michael Moynihan, ex President of the Church of Satan in San Francisco, by his old house „Storm Books“ in 1993. The second edition was made by Ryan Schuster and his dead house today „Black Sun Publications“ in 2003. Finally we read the third one edited by „Iron March“ in 2015. It is the latter which is online and we preferred it since with this last the page numbering is not erased.


James Mason is also an admirer of the „Order“ led by David Lane, incarcerated for his terrorist action and died in prison in 2007. The latter was the model for the organization of his own terrorist organization „Atomwaffen Division“ (Division of nuclear weapons). In this book there is no reference to the latter since the first edition was made long before its creation. James Nolan Mason (his full name) was born in 1952 in Chillicothe, Ohio. Very young at the end of the 1960s, he became a supporter of Lincoln-Rockwell’s American Nazi Party. This work „Siege“ (without accent in English) is in fact an anthology of articles written for the eponymous journal of the same organization between 1980-1986. We had the honor of reading this book simultaneously as an audio book recited by Great American Comrade Alex Linder, publisher of the „Vanguard News Network“ site and also of „Kirksville Today“. It is the latter that hosts our articles translated into English the recent months!


Mason incites us to the Revolution but, since we were very disappointed by the leftist indications of the distant past for this term misinterpreted by all „politicians“, we were very excited by Mason’s own radical imagination. He implies that this new revolution today will be practiced with Charles Manson as a model of action. Thus we will reorganize the rebirth of the white race and the latter will be „free of alien genes“ (without interbreeding with the genes of blacks). This work is at the same time revisionist since Mason tells on page 139 „the whiners of the concentration camps“ and his „lie to six million victims“ (op.cit. Page 139). A little further on he tells us „why Hitler won“ (op.cit.page 192) and exposes his arguments to us „why our white world has become black” (op.cit.page 194) since supports „alien interests“, the interests of blacks (op.cit.page 198). The governments that have succeeded each other since 1945 have „destroyed the previous white life“ (op.cit.page 235). They supported „niggerization“, which is surely a neologism invented by Mason or his acolytes. „Manson had seen the threat“ (op.cit.page 202). As proof he advances the argument that „most crimes are committed by blacks“ (op.cit.page 215).


Michael Moynihan (singer of the band „Blood Axis“) was the first editor of this book and he thinks that „Mason could not care less what the average citizen thinks. Now he waits patiently for the day when society entirely on which most of the people depend, in addition to all the civilization present on the planet, collapses in chaos and destruction „(in“ Day of blood „by Max Ribaric, France, 2012, Camion Noir editions , page 112). Mason is the first to put forward throughout his work Charles Manson as leader of the new revolution since „there is a great philosopher and leader among us and still active today as he has been for more than eighteen years (in our opinion this article was written in 1986 and then repeated in the first and second editions of „Siege“ - note by DA), with a world famous name and reputation and a thought of its own, well that little compact, of similar dimension - if not superior - to those of all the groups of the radical right joined together .... I am speaking to you about Charles Manson „(in“ As wolves among sheeps „of Max Ribaric and Davide Maspero, Camion Noir editions, page 722, France, 2014).