„SMS Sugarman” (2008)


The film begins with a scene of anticipation in which two young prostitutes say they hired a killer to murder Sugar Man, their mackerel, interpreted by Kaganof himself.


The very soft music composed by Michael Blake is an emotional counterpoint in this almost macabre beginning. An imaginary drowning scene follows. We are in Johannesburg on Christmas Eve. It is the beginning of a fiction not at all innocent, in this atmosphere of friendly party. Sugar Man is awakened later by two accomplices who ask him for a sum of money, 50,000 rand, which had been promised. He tells them that this money is in the trunk of his Valiant car. They will search for her together and find out that everything has been stolen. By the two young luxury prostitutes Selene and Grace, performed by Deja Bernhardt (have you heard of Sarah Bernhardt, the French jewess) and Leigh Graves. A third, Anna, the youngest, will not run away with the others because she is the favourite of her „dad”. It is Samantha Rocca who interprets the role.


This story, built in incessant flashbacks, also evokes a human question posed by Sugar Man: is he the father of Selene’s daughter? An old prostitute answers him in the negative, but we do not know if she is right? She claims that a certain Attila – interpreted by Attila Barta – is the father. The latter to serve the two evil women agrees to kill Sugar Man but not for the money. Why then?


The narrative is not linear but littered with returns to the past, this Christmas Eve before the flight of prostitutes.


That evening they visited five clients: a secret transvestite with a child’s behaviour, a teenager to whom his father offers these girls as a Christmas present; a businessman who never leaves his mobile phone; another sentimental and helpless client; and finally a „priest” who recites prayers during fellatio. Before visits to the hotel, or elsewhere, mackerel barks his old shoes for new shoes. This detail highlights the ambiguity of the character. He is a fragile „hero” who is sometimes cruel and scary, but at the same time vulnerable, pathetic but charismatic.


When they discovered the sum hidden in the trunk, the two women had decided to kill Sugar Man.


Will they get their project done? Will their pimp be shot? What will become of them?


This soft porn story was directed by the jew Kaganof and its commercial and artistic failure drove its director to abandon cinema. Why not from politics for every Jew worldwide?


written by Dionysos Andronis