Johan Livernette - „Two cries in the night“


self-published, Toulouse, 2012


This densely-written novel could also be read as an essay against the „Atlanto-Euro-Zionist Empire“ (op.cit., P.13). If we took the initiative to add a few supplementary words to the first version of this article, it is to express our indignation also against the completely absurd imprisonment of our comrade Livernette (even if we are not as strong believers as him). The protagonist Gilles Rousseau and his girlfriend Léa present to us the major obstacles of their political and social struggle against the media jacks of this empire from the beginning of the article. From the first pages the writer expresses his big homophobic irony by telling us: „And it punctures noses, ears, navels, breasts, why not the anus while we’re at it! »(Op.cit.p.18). The Hinduist Savitri Devi hated the French Revolution and she manifests it in her „Autobiography of a Hitlérienne” (available today from Déterna editions) but Livernette who is Christian (not Hinduist) goes even further than the first by qualifying it as „atheist slaughteries” (op.cit.p.37).


We were not embarrassed by his remarks against this revolution (since we are not French) but by his other reactionary remarks, not only against homosexuals but in general against the young people who „frequent discotheques where debauchery is king. »(Op.cit., P.72). Yet we read on to the last page, and for good reason. And to make the parallel with another Great revisionist novel, the „Hunter” by William Pierce, Livernette quotes on page 53 the president of the „Clan of the Venetians” Paul-Eric Blanrue „who circulated a petition as a way of comfort for a man of integrity who has fallen into the trap of revisionism ”(op.cit.p.53). Yet Livernette has become a friend of our revisionist FB page before his jailing, even if it seems absurd since FB is the pinnacle of the Zionist subculture. In order to interpret the enigmatic title we would say that the Night extends throughout the last centuries before the Second Coming since after the latter the angels „will condemn the diabolical errors of the Antichrist“ ( and „Enoch and Elijah will be sentenced to death” (op.cit.p.245). The layout of the same booklet essay „The Conspiracy Against God“ was done by the publisher E.S.R. (éditions Saint Rémi), the same house that distributes the writings of Irish Deirdre Manifold.


written by Dionysos Andronis