South Africans!


We both have heard about "Racialism", but we fail to Locate it--where is it?

The only Racialism that exists and should exist amongst us is the Alien Menance who, as this little book conveys to us, are the White Asiatics--the Jews!

I have had this little book reprinted, from the works of the Late Dr. Clarke, simply because (although it was written in 1921) it conveys to us Descendants of Boer and Briton, that even then this English Doctor endeavoured to prove to us that we were getting away from the true cause of our separation from each other, and that there were real Englishmen in England who understood our troubles.

Furthermore, so very very few South Africans, both Afrikaans and English speaking know the facts which are recorded in our Cape Blue books pertaining to the Cause of the Jameson's Raid and the Boer War.

Herein you will read about the Jew Phillips and others' plot, this same Jew (now Sir Phillips) who to-day resides in the former Residence of one of our old Dutch Governors' houses, was one of those who were directly concerned in this big question in South Africa.

May Dutch and English descendants (as well as other European descendants) carefully read this booklet, ponder over it and realise how we have been purposely separated; where our forefathers got on well together.

As our English Settlers and Voortrekkers fought each other in these Jew-made Wars, as we fought together in the last Great War (also for the Jew) let us now decide to fight together, to save what our forefathers fought for and meant us to possess.




Yours for the Cause,




Provincial Leader (Natal)


South African National Party.






Jewish Commerce lays siege to South Africa.--Jew invasion of the

Transvaal: Gold-control breeds wars and revolutions.--Banking,

English and Jewish.--The perilous position of an exploited nation

--"Control," not money, supplied by Jews.--Example, the Cloverfield

Mine.--Germany depends on England's gold.--The German State claims

and uses all monies and securities deposited in German banks.--South

African Racial Strife the work of Jews from Germany.--Jew-made

Gold Law.--Lady Phillips pleads for "a friendly Germany" on the eve

of the war.--The Bagdad Railway.--Gen. Smuts on the mines.--The

Phillips-Beit relations.--The Jew curse in South Africa.--The Letters.--

The Jameson Raid.







"A Thousand Million Pounds"






Judaeo Germany.--Germany was then under the Heel of the Jew.

Our authors begin by calling attention to the world danger hidden in the "organised use of commercial privilege" by the Judaeo-German Empire. They show that the "Political" and "commercial" agents of this power, if not identical, are yet always working in unison. India, Persia, Turkey, Egypt and North Africa have all been subject to its predatory attentions, and it was impossible for them to have overlooked South Africa.


Jew Invasion of the Transvaal. Gold-Control breeds Wars

and Revolutions.


It is now many years since Judaeo-Germany marked out the Transvaal for its prey. The attraction of Gold for the Jew is irrestible. The means by which he secures it are a matter of very small account so long as he secures control. Gold has uncanny powers, as Sombert points out; and the exploiting methods of the Lords of Lucre are dark and devious. Having exploited and mastered all the secrets that lie hid in money, they are able to make it perform most wonderful and often contradictory things. "To him that hath shall be given" is truer of Gold than anything else. They call money 'liquid capital,' perhaps, because it is so hard to hold. It finds its own level; but its level is in the (Jew) Banks, and no sooner has it go there then it acquires new power as 'potential capital' . . . . In the late eighties of last century 3 per cent. was reckoned as a sound percentage for a non-professional investor in England. At the same time, the purchasing power of gold was not less than 50 per cent. more than it is to-day. To-day, however, when it purchases so little, it commands twice as much 'interest'! In other words, one has to pay twice (or three times) as much gold for the use of gold, whilst it is less by half than its previous value in purchasing goods. A great time for Shylock, the money lender, the man who controls the gold-power! . . . . It is this power which has justified the age-long and instinctive hatred of 'usury.' It is that brought the world to a season of strikes and revolutionary activities shortly before the war.

"As we shall see in a later chapter, this gold-power, organised at the expense of the nation in every country except Germany"--which is so completely Judaised that it is almost impossible to discover a dividing line--"had not only oppressed the workers and led them to revolutionary acts and thoughts, it had also invaded the process of exchange, preyed upon producer and consumer, and made the old skilled employer and useful distributor (middleman) the servants of impersonal agencies behind which lay the Gold-Power." (27)


Banking, English and Judaeo-German.


Our authors explain that the English Bank merely provides a "safe deposit" for the savings of the moderately well-off, but for the Jew financier it is a source of immense power. They might have added that Frankfurt-am-Main is its spiritual home. By means of bills, overdrafts, banker's references and credit of all kinds, magnified by an adroit combination of the services of several different banks, the Jewish bankers are able to use the deposits and savings of the rest of the nation.

"A generation or two ago the private bank advanced money to clients on their character. A man's banker was his confident and counsellor. The (Jew) financiers with the Gold Power have invaded that quiet realm; they have amalgamated the small banks into huge machines, whose boards they control for their own purposes. Private businesses have been floated into limited companies controlled by financiers. In America the banks are even more the-instruments of the conquering millionaires . . . . . In Germany the organisation of the national resources is far more complete. It is consciously national. For that reason it not only advances the fortunes of the Gwinners and Rathenaus" (and the other Jews): "it aids the credit of every industrialist who comes within its wide-sweeping system." (28)

[It does: but whenever the Jew-power lends its aid, it strengthens its bonds on the producer and reduces him to a state of abject slavery, in which the native German finds himself to-day]


The Perilous Position of an Exploited Nation.


As our authors point out, what is true of an individual is also true of a people. It is as easy to enslave a people by usury and money-control as it is an individual. If a man borrows money of a Jew, that man is the Jew's slave. As Mr. W. M. Hughes asked the Cannon Street meeting, "what is the good of our being a wealthy nation if the wealth is all in the hands of the Jews?" So long as Rothschilds, Cassels, Samuels, Joels, Sassoons and Phillipses are in control, liberals may prate about, "liberty," but the Jews have taken it away!

"If either an individual or a people lose control of the Gold-Power with which their energies or assets are associated, they arrive at economical or political servitude . . . . A Country may appear to be rich owing to the greatness of its productive output: it escapes notice that the people of the country are improvised and under alien control [and enemy alien at that!]. . . . . A State as well as an individual may he ruined by association with money-capital over which another has control.

"This is what has happened in South Africa. The Gold-Power is wielded by foreigners [Jews]. They are not investing, they are divesting. They depart with the vestments of the land they have despoiled. . . . . Powerful countries [under Jew inspiration] threaten to go to war"--wars are the Jews' harvest!--"in order that their [Jew] financiers may confer the 'benefits' of their investments or loans upon yet unexploited countries, and having once got a foothold, they use the riches they acquire (from the natives) for making further conquests." (29)

In this way the Jews of the Metallgesellschaft, backed by the imperial power of Germany, obtained control of the Australian spelter, which even in time of war they sold more cheaply to the enemies of Britain than to his Britannic Majesty's Government in its extreme need. "The coal areas of England were only just saved from a similar fate; while the sorry tale of the Transvaal gold-fields has reached its climax when the mere name or guarantee of the agents of enemy banks can be used to deprive this country of its natural endowments, and by that act to obtain political control, which is exerted to prevent the real progress of the country and exploit it more heartlessly. At bitter cost we learnt from the German Jew that his 'capital' introduced under shelter of a 'British' limited liability company, is a disguised State-loan, in terms over which our State has no control. Next, this so-called 'capital' of the German Jew is frequently nothing more than a promise of which his own control enables him to avoid the fulfilment!" (29)

By this manœuvre the Jew is able to exploit to the uttermost the mines which he has kindly consented to patronise.


"Control" not Money Supplied by Jews.—Example:


The Cloverfield Mine.


How Jews get something for nothing is well illustrated in the case of the Cloverfield mine. The possession of this mine was obtained by the "Control" on their undertaking to "find the money necessary to equip and develop the mine." The promise of the Jew-German bank was all that was required. The plant they ordered has never earned anything, and the people who put it up closed it down at their own discretion. But did the Jew-Control lose? On the contrary. The Jew Gold-Power makes as much when a property is proved bad as when it is proved good. It is the 'ordinary shareholders' who lose--the Control thrives!

The mine was originally got for nothing from the State. Later it was acquired by S. Neumann and Co., who sold it for £200,000 fully paid-up shares in the company which was registered as "British" in the Transvaal in 1903. The chairman represents Neumann, and so does the secretary. On the Board are Hebraic-sounding names of Messrs. I. H. Guinsberg, Max Francke (alternate J. H. Kuhlmann), C. S. Goldman (alternate P. Dreyfus).

Mr. Francke represented Goertz and Co., or rather, the Jew-German banks behind Goertz and Co.

Now this mine is worthless. And yet the "Control" still controls, and although the plant is idle it has "earned" its cost many times over! It was not the plant that did it, but the attractive force of Gold-Power. As soon as it was known that the Jew-German bank smiled on it, the British public was drawn to subscribe one million pounds! In the thirteen years of its life (1917) Cloverfield had not produced an ounce of gold, but the "Control" had flourished exceedingly!


Germany depends on England's Gold.


The Judaeo-German national control dominates the world's trade and production. In self-defence other nations are driven to set up national control of their own. Once in complete control of the output of South Africa, Germany cum Jewry will be invulnerable. Jewry having obtained supreme power over Germany's finances, can wield all the power of Germany in the interest of Jewry. As one Jew has the whole Jew tribe within his skin, and can command the help of the other tribe in his interest--the Dreyfus case for example--so Jewry can use the entire national power of Germany to further Jewry's projects. "The competitor without State-aid has to face the whole of the German national resources and credit, its railways, shipping and meticulated co-operation between industries requiring one another's products, the whole backed, and at every moment of the day reinforced, by a specialist, educational system, education bureaux, the operation of banks and agencies, penetrating, usurping or destroying rivalries in other countries, and finally quelling the unorganised by the threatening prestige of its arms and the horrors of war.

"In the German ease the insufficiency of gold has been more than compensated by investing every transaction with the whole national credit. An ounce of gold in Germany does more work than many ounces in any other country. . . . .

"So long as industry and trade are based on competition, the minimum unit that can survive in these generations is a unit which has nothing less than sovereign power. . . . .

"It is here, in South Africa, that the main attack on the British 'Gold basis' has begun. Even in Lord Milner's time a Jew director of an essentially German-Jew 'House' in Johannesburg threatened to have the gold market removed to New York." (34-5)


The German State Claims and Uses all Monies and

Securities Deposited in German Banks.


[It must be remembered in dealing with "German" finance that the "German" banks are Jew banks, and, to all intents and purposes, the German Empire was and is a Jew Empire. The German Empire is as Jewish as ever the Roman Empire was Roman. The German people have been and are its willing or unwilling slaves. This caution is necessary if one is to understand the story which our authors unfold].

"The Jew, Sir Lionel Phillips, confessed that his 'House,' as well as groups in the Chamber of Mines in which that House exerts a controlling influence, did not avoid the 'mistake' of depositing available cash in the enemy banks before the war. [Those astute Jews made no 'mistake'; the banks were no 'enemy banks' to them, they were Jew banks and their own. They were England's enemies then, as they and the entire Jew tribe are England's enemies now, no matter how thick the camouflage of 'loyality' they put on.] The threat to have the gold market removed from London to New York would not be so empty now when warlike expenditure has altered all previous international relations. (This in 1917. What of 1921?) . . . . With what will the State repay the banks? Their own economists admit that bankruptcy threatens to overwhelm them. But they are arranging to get our South African gold against a banking guarantee—a gift of millions for a scrap of paper which South African gold will make good. The Gold-Power will be theirs." (36) [Cloverfield over again on a national scale!]


South African Racial Strife the work of Jews from



"The first thing to be said about Nationalism and Racialism in South Africa is: it is the deliberate creation of a covetous race which is neither Dutch nor English," but Jewish. [Our authors say "German," but the Ecksteins, Neumanns, Marxes, Beits, Wernhers and the rest are no more "Germans" than Phillips and Rothschild are "English"]. "There was never a word of racialism in the Orange Free State till the Raid, which has organised in the 'Corner House' by the Jews, and ended the typical co-operation of Rhodes and Hofmeyr. It is the witness of all Englishmen who have travelled in the country during the last fifty years that the distinguishing characteristics of their treatment by Boers have been courtesy, kindness and hospitality. This has been the experience of both the writers on the veldt, and on the battlefield too." (45)

"The truth of the South African difficulty is this. It has always been the object of the Anglo-German press (that is, the Judaeo-German-controlled press in the English language) to create racial discord. . . . The quarrel between Dutch and English is chiefly artificial, and is fomented by the same agencies as have provoked riot and discord, rebellion and treachery in other parts of the Empire and in the countries of the Allies." (82)

This is happening to-day all over the world under the direction not of Germany, but of the Elders of Zion. By keeping up discord among white peoples the Jews divert attention from themselves.


Jew-Made Gold Law.


"The Gold Law was made and amended specially for making it hard for the Boer and the Englishman to own a gold mine." [We shall see presently how the Jews manage to get parliaments to pass laws in the interest of Jews and to the detriment of natives. With every demand for rates and taxes we in England are feeling the pinch of the same Judean policy.]

"The private gamblers (that is, the Jew 'Houses' controlling the mines) have no National interest, but are absentees, and for the most part under the control of Jew-German banks. They exert powerful influence on political parties and officials to wrest laws in their favour and alter tariffs to their advantage and to the disadvantage of the resident population. They have been associated with raids and wars and foreign intrigues, and have threatened Governments that they will wreck their public loans and make borrowing condition on ransom.

"They leave brought about convulsions in the labour markets, white and black, raising and lowering wages at their caprice and opposing the national will by introducing Chinese.

"Their attention to the Share Market and neglect of sound industrial conditions have disgraced us with a mortality of miners, black and white, whose magnitude is even now concealed, though it is known to be appalling.

"They have succeeded in shifting to the State the burden of compensating the living victims of a preventable occupational disease . . . .''

"Even then you have not exhausted the black list of booms and slumps and undesirable practices which have set off bombs in our streets and dragooned unoffending citizens by troops from the country inflamed by the belief that they were quelling another Jameson Raid." (55-6)

In point of fact, South Africa has been a very paradise for the operations of the Elders of Zion.

Lady Phillips Pleads for "a Friendly Germany" on

the Eve of the War.


Our authors note that children born of German parents in South Africa are even more inimical to England than their parents before them. For "German," we must again read "Jew." To our knowledge, real Germans who settle in South Africa make excellent colonists. The Jew is another proposition. The secret of the affection of the Jew mining magnates for Germany and German banks is that the banks are all Jew banks, and the Germany they love is Jewmany.

The wife of the Jew, Phillips, in 1913, by way of preparing us for the German onslaught, published a small volume, entitled: "A Friendly Germany: Why Not?" The proper answer to this query would, of course, be--"Because Germany, like ourselves, is run by Jews, and wars, not friendships, are the Jews' harvests." But that was not the answer of Lady Phillips. She is all for accepting the friendship of the Jew-German Spider, and for urging the English Fly, on the eve of the war, to walk into his parlour without delay. She even suggests that the Fly might contract a marriage with the Spider, and gives it a wedding present. "What," she asks, "are we to give German as a 'dot' on the bridal day?" The answer she suggests is--a colony or two! "A great German party," she writes, "thinks that Germany should have colonies; well, if we are in earnest, we must accept this view, must express ourselves willing to remake the map of the world." (79)

Well, the thing has been done, or, rather, is in the process of being carried out; but not exactly by a "Friendly Germany." However, the Jews have lost nothing over it, and the Jew-German banks have been kept alive in the land by their Jew-British brethren and tools.

But the marriage "dot" of colonies to Jew-Germany is to comprise only one colony from England. The rest? Well, the lady shall reply:

"With a single exception, I do not suggest that an acre of British soil should pass under German hands; no such demand is implied in the cry for a 'place in the sun.' With all respect for German necessities, I am compelled as a patriot to maintain that we owe those countries that we have taken under our protection a continuance of our trusteeship. But there are other lands and other States whose Imperial destinies are ended. There are vast expanses of territory now in the hands of effete Europeans who would gladly shelve their responsibilities. There are Mahommedan countries in a state of decay, but great in potential wealth. Walfish Bay and Portuguese territory and Angora, the Congo and Asia Minor and, perhaps, South America--these are the sign-posts to a better understanding." Perhaps the lady means that these trifles would cause Messrs. Gwinner, Rathenau and Warburg to look more kindly on us!--The lady proceeds: "I want Germany to have more than colonial possessions; it must have a Colonial Empire; the fairest jewel thereof would be the Congo . . . . We should accept that a German Empire extending over the whole of Central Africa would, by giving our neighbours scope and occupation, prove a perpetual guarantee of international peace. And incidental British advantage would be scientific colonial cooperation with Germany. Herr Dernburg"--a Jew, whom we seem to have met in another connection--"a former Colonial Secretary, did us the honour of studying our methods on the spot, and was, I know, given every facility when he visited South Africa." (79-80)

Our authors explain that Herr Dernburg was a director of the Deutsche Bank and of the Bank für Handel and Industrie, and by virtue of his director's pass he had the right to command the privileges which Lady Phillips says he "enjoyed." His real object was to advise the Kaiser on the garrison of South-West Africa, and Lady Phillips' husband and the other Jews saw to it that he got all the information he needed.


The Bagdad Railway.


As might be expected, Lady Phillips was enthusiastic over the Bagdad Railway--the Jew-German big Bertha pointed at our Indian Empire! If that project has miscarried during the war, there are Isaacses, Samuels, Sassoons and Meyers ready to effect what the Kaiser failed to bring off. But let us hear Lady Philips.

"Lastly, there is the Bagdad Railway . . . . The object of Germany is to build a line via Bagdad, from the Mediterranean to Bassorah, on the Persian Gulf. The system, now past Eregli and planned for another 520 miles, involves many branch lines. When it is constructed and connected via Ispahan and Teheran, in Persia, with the Russian line at Merv, it will give Germany a position"--this is a typical German diplomatic phrase, say our authors, and here the authoress is well-informed--"in Asia Minor." She sees that it would make our position difficult with Italy, France, Russia, and create difficulties for Austria, and jar the Balkan States; but "let us recognise that special position and grant that Germany may look upon the remains of the Turkish Empire as a legitimate sphere of influence, where it will carry the blessings of civilisation which the Turk has shown himself so unfit to apply.'--Belgium and France will appreciate this!-- . . . "It is for Germany to decide whether it can compensate or dominate; it is for us to declare that we have no fundamental objection." (80)

The lady's conclusion is that "hand in hand Germany and England may lead the world to a realisation of glorious ideals. There alone can the true interests of humanity be served, and Western civilisation will thus form a bulwark against the encroaching hordes."

How her Asiatic husband is going to assist in this work of opposing Oriental hordes, she does not say, but he has told us himself in the Phillips-Beit letters now in the Cape Blue Book. The advice of this Jew Husband, General Botha declared that he was "accustomed to take," and we may be perfectly certain that General Smuts continues to draw inspiration from the same fount of wisdom. Lady Phillips' book was widely advertised and favourably received in the Jew-controlled press of South Africa. During the war, Lady Phillips published in the "Cape Times" a bitter attack on General Botha and his connection with the campaign in German South-West Africa.


General Smuts on the Mines.


That General Smuts, who seems by some occult process to have been since converted into a "Gentile front" for the Chosen People, once understood their methods very well is seen by a letter of his written to Miss Mobhouse on the occasion of the introduction of Chinese labour into the colony. Said General Smuts:

"They (the Crown Colony Government) think that the mining industry must be saved at all costs, and it cannot and will not be saved, for the major part of it is bogus and a sham. If all the mines that have no reasonable chance of working at a profit--that is, about 80 per cent. of them--are allowed to go into the Bankruptcy Court, the country will once more return to a normal condition. The Transvaal will cease to be the happy hunting ground for the fraudulent, and all will yet be well. Now, however, we have a bogus gold industry; its reputation is kept going for the purpose of still further swindling the investing public of Europe. The general good of this country, and I may say of South Africa, is sacrificed for this sham industry--and so we are all merrily spinning to perdition." (56)


The Phillips-Beit Revelations.


Having seen what are the pro-German sentiments of the wife of the Jew, Phillips, we will now see what manner of man this Oriental is, whom the Home Jew Government delight to honour with an hereditary title and a high post in the Ministry of Munitions in time of England's war with his wife's "Friendly" Germany. It can hardly have been by pure inadvertence that just before the war Phillips' companies invested over half a million of English sovereigns in German bonds and securities.

The Phillips-Beit letters were written in 1894, more than a year before the Jameson Raid. At that time Beit was at the head of "The Corner House," a position now occupied by Phillips himself. The "Corner House" is the home of the Central Mining and Investment Corporation, Limited. The real nationality of the "House" will he evident from a perusal of the names of some of its directors in 1914: F. G. Eckstein, Louis Reyersbach, C. E. Rube, Ludwig Wagner, Max Francke, Octave Homberg, R. W. Schumacher (who has recently changed his name to Pfennell) and its present head, Sir Lionel Phillips. This is the institution which holds a large controlling interest in the chief South African newspapers, which, in the words of Mr. Julius Jeppe—who ought to know--"are controlled by naturalised and unnaturalised Germans." For "Germans," read "Jews," Mr. Jeppe being himself one of them. These are samples of the aliens who control not only mines, but the Law, Law-makers and the State itself.

The facts about the Letters recorded by our authors are set out, perhaps, more clearly for general readers in the "Jews" Who's Who, and from this I now propose to quote. (p. 29):


The Jew Curse in South Africa.


Wherever Jews are, there can be no rest and no peace. Wars, disputes, quarrels, strikes, rebellions, revolutions are all harvests for the Jew. Therefore he cultivates them on principle. Let us take South Africa, for example.

The Jew was attracted to South Africa, first by its diamonds and secondly by its gold. Next, he was drawn to it by the huge black population whose weaknesses he could exploit by selling them bad liquor and by using them as instruments of illicit trade. The chiefs of the I.D.B. (illicit diamond buying) and the I.G.B. (illicit gold buying) are Jews, but a Jew is never seen doing penal servitude; the poor whites and the coloured race pay the penalty.

The Jew brought no capital into the country, he did not dig for diamonds or gold, he did not prospect for them, but he has succeeded in getting possession of all the diamonds, and he practically controls all the gold. How this control has been brought about has been explained by Sir Lionel Phillips.




Letter I.

June 15th, 1894.


"My dear Beit,--Naturally, whatever we do must be done through others, but I do not think the vested interests can afford to let things drift with indifference. If you trust Rhodes, and cable 'See Rhodes,' I will run down. My own feeling is to wait and watch, and spend our money in trying to improve the Raad [Transvaal Parliament.]

"The bewaarplatsen question [gold claims belonging to the State] will, I think, be settled in our favour, but at a cost of £25,000. It is proposed to spend a good deal of money in order to secure a better Raad, but it must be remembered that the spending of money on elections has by recent legislation been made a criminal offence, and the matter will have to be carefully handled.

"I am also informed that he said that he (the President) was very angry with the Ecksteins, that Nellmapius was the best friend the State ever had, and now he has gone his widow has nothing, while we have made a large fortune out of him.





The next letter shows that Rhodes, one of our greatest Empire-makers, was "not to be trusted" with a knowledge of the Jews' treasonous plots.




Letter II.


July 15th, 1894.


"My dear Beit,




"Just got your cable reading 'Do not see Rhodes,' etc., of which I am rather glad. We don't want any row. Our trump card is a fund of £10,000-£15,000 to improve the Raad. Unfortunately, the Companies have no secret service fund. I must devine a way. We don't want to shell out ourselves.





In spite of these letters, or, more likely, on account of them, the writer was awarded one of our chivalrous hereditary titles! This letter shows the Jews plotting behind the backs of Boer and Briton alike. Rhodes was not to be "trusted" with the Jews' filthy secrets; he knew nothing about them.



The Jameson Raid.


A further letter shows the same Jews planning armed rebellion, and only waiting to find dupes--that is to say Englishmen, or, as Phillips would put it, "others"--to carry out their plans, having, of course, not the slightest intention of fighting themselves.



Letter III.


August 12th, 1894.


"My dear Beit,--I will also see whether it is not impossible without creating unnecessary alarm here or active steps in Pretoria, to get the Companies to possess themselves of a few rifles, etc.




This was over a year before the Raid was actually brought about. Boer and Briton always got on well together before this Jew intervened. The Jews floated a company to run the Raid, and a subsidiary company, the "Wolff Syndicate," and made money out of both! And much more important than that, the Raid produced a slump on the Stock Exchange, and Beit, Phillips' partner, who had been rigging the market for months before, made a million out of the slump! [For all the world like the Waterloo coup of the Rothschilds, and Jews' coup in New York after Jutland.] It was this same Oriental alien, Beit, who would have failed to "make" this million if there had been no Raid, who sent the telegram to Jameson saying that an immediate advance was imperative. It was!--in the interest of Beit and the Jews. But it should be noticed in passing that a number of Englishmen's lives were sacrificed to secure the Jews' profits. Moreover, the same gang of Jews betrayed the raiders by informing the Boers, and so ensured the failure of the expedition, the Jewish "Reformers" having failed, as might have been expected, to go out to help them as they had promised.

The success of the Raid from the point of Jew finance was so great that the Boer War was inevitable. The Jews had in their hands all the power to bring it about. They had succeeded in breaking the friendship between Jan Hofmeyr and Cecil Rhodes, which had been, until then, the symbol of unity between Briton and Dutch.

At the conclusion of the Boer War the triumph of the Jews was duly recognised by their political confederates at Westminster in the shower of baronetcies which fell upon them, "honours" which were properly acknowledged beforehand by golden streams which flowed into the secret party-chests.

Having secured control of all the gold and diamonds of South Africa, the Jews of the Transvaal with the Jew banks of Germany set about to capture control of all South African trade as well. As an example of how they have succeeded, take the Victoria Falls Power Company, with its huge plant. With the exception of the boilers, practically all the machinery is German. The Jews are a race who toil not, neither do they spin; but they do reap. Apart from the moneys itself, "control" is their one aim. Take the "Rand Mines, Limited," which has a small capital (£550,000). It has secured control of a vast number of other companies.

The invention of "Bearer Shares" is also a device of the Jews; it prevents shares from being traced, and provides an ideal means of share-manipulation.


The Four Commandments.


It will be useful to keep in mind the immortal rules, of commandments, of the prophet of the Newest Jerusalem revealed in the Phillips-Beit letters. They are four:--


(1) "Whatever we do must be done through others."--That is to say, use officials such as Prime Ministers, and Ministers not quite Prime, First Lords, War Ministers, etc. and Christian partners, Editors, Secretaries, Managers, etc. as "Gentile Front."


(2) "Spend money in improving parliaments."--That is, spend the people's money in bribing and blackmailing the people's representatives.


(3) "We don't want to shell out ourselves"--i.e., make Christians pay.


(4) "Now he has gone his widow has nothing while we have made a large fortune out of him"--i.e., Jews to make fortunes out of Christians' ruin.

In this manner, Jews have been able to secure the monopoly of trade throughout South Africa in alcohol, tobacco, dynamite, newspapers, theatres and cinemas, to name but a few items, in addition to their grip on gold and diamonds. There is practically not a theatre or cinema in all South Africa which is not controlled by an American Jew, I. S. Schleisinger.





And here must end the second part of my story. Werner Sombart has described the spirit, the mind and the soul of the Jew, and has summed it up by saying that it has all run to the mystery of the secrets of money and through money to acquiring the Lordship of the World.


The Second Book of the story shows the filthy and murderous means by which the Jew-power has acquired the Lordship of South Africa. By the same means the Jew has planted his Heel on the prostrate form of England and on all England's colonies and sister nations.


Will England ever rise again and come to grips with her subtle, crafty, cruel, hypocritical, remorseless foe?






"Hear, O Israel, Jehovah, the Lord our God is One,
But we, Jehovah his people, are dual and so undone,


"Slaves in eternal Egypts, baking their strawless bricks,
At ease in successive Zions, prating their politics;

"Priests of the household altar, blessing the bread and wine,
Lords of the hells of Gomorrah, licensed keeper of swine;


"Pious fanatical zealots, throttled by Talmud-coil,
Impious lecherous sceptics, cynical stalkers of spoil;

"Blarneying, shivering, crawling, taking all colours and none,
Lying the fox in the covert, leaping an ape in the sun.


"Tantalus--Proteus of Peoples, security comes from within!
Where is the lion of Judah? Wearing an ass's skin!"





"If Christiandom abandons the folly and the wickedness of anti-semitism, Jewry will be willing to think more accurately and more wisely about the founders and sacred books of Christianity."


--Mr. CLAUDE MONTEFIORE, in the Jewish Guardian, Oct. 15, 1920.



"I sometimes think that, when I retire from my profession, I may do something for Judaism, but it will be on lines very different from those of Claude Montefiore, for I am convinced that Judaism will never be the religion of a monotheism which is to supplant Christianity. It is essentially a religion for a particular race, deprive it of this characteristic and of its historic garment and you make it cool, lifeless and insipid."


--The late ARTHUR COHEN, K.C., quoted in the Jewish Guardian, Oct 15, 1920.



"Jewry is one, and Israel is a Nation." --Jewish World, Aug. 11, 1920.



"He (the Chief Rabbi) will remind them I am sure of the saying of our Sages, 'a beneficent protection which God has instituted in the life of the Jew is that He has dispersed him over all the world.'"


--Dr. CH. WEIZMANN, at the farewell banquet to the Chief Rabbi.



"The term 'Jew' denominates Race and not Creed." --Jewish World, Dec. 15, 1920.