Jews as the Insatiable Parasites


In February 1942, Interior Minister Andrija Artukovic made an important policy speech to the NDH parliament (Hrvatski Državni Sabor).


 ...Immediately after the founding of Yugoslavia, all the enemies of the Croatian people - the Jews, the Communists, and the Freemasons - united with those of to so-called "Piedmont of the Balkans" [Serbia] in order to destroy the Croatian people and suppress all national aspirations.


In the life of Yugoslavia, it was the Jews - who worked for and prepared the world for revolution - alongside their two most important international allies - the Communists and the Freemasons, who especially distinguished themselves. These three national groups have attempted with all their might to destroy everything Croatian they could find.


They tried to win our intelligentsia to their side and isolate it from the Croat people, either through subterfuge - that is, flattering them with titles, lucrative positions among them - or by force. They tried through different organizations and offices to estrange the Croatian youth from the religion of their fathers and from the family hearth, and to get the workers into so-called "unions" which fought on a class basis, to estrange them from their own people and turn them against one another.


First, it was the Communist Party of Yugoslavia and, later, the United Labour Socialist Federation of Yugoslavia, that tried to mislead the Croatian worker and set him against his own people. They tried to impoverish and humiliate the peasant, in a state of financial dependence and beggary, in political chaos and cultural darkness, in order to be able, at any given moment, to trade him away, to barter on his sentiments like he was a bale on the exchange.


All this was done by the Jews, one of the most dangerous international syndicates, in order to achieve the goals of World Jewry, readying the world for the revolution by which the Jews will gain full mastery over all material possessions of the world and all the power in the world, when other nations will serve as a means to their dirty profits and their insatiable greed and ravenous thirst for control.

International Jewry was aided in this fight by two other international syndicates: the Communists, who preached the gospel of their proletarian state, and the Freemasons, who preached the gospel of their fraudulent "enlightened spirit," their "love for their fellow man."


The Jews were to achieve these aims relying as much on their own international affiliations as that possessed by the Communists: because Communism is the child of Jewry and one of the principle levers by which the Jews aim to take control of the world. The Communists wanted to destroy the leadership of individual nations and take power in the name of the workers. But these workers were, of course - had to be - led by the Jews, which is exactly how it was.


Through various organizations, the Judeo-Communists tried to bring about the disintegration of the Croatian national body, to kill the aspirations of its youth, the love for family and the homeland, to stir up hatred between the classes and to enslave the peasantry in such a way that the peasant loses all self-awareness, the knowledge of what it is to be Croatian.


The Croatian people, having re-established the Independent State of Croatia, could do nothing else but to clean off the poisonous and insatiable parasites - Jews, Communists and Freemasons - from their national and state body.


They have strangled the Croatian people and retarded all sectors of their national life, destroying and poisoning not only family life, their beliefs, their morals, their culture and their youth, but also that vital national spirit, Croatian self-expression, Croatian self-consciousness. The Independent State of Croatia, led by the Ustase, finding itself in a state of siege and self-defense against these insatiable and poisonous parasites, has indeed settled the so-called Jewish Question through resolute and sound actions.


 February 26, 1942


Andrija Artuković

(29 November 1899 - 16 January 1988)


Artuković was born in Klobuk near Ljubuški (in Bosnia and Herzegovina, then belonging to Austria-Hungary), and studied at a Franciscan monastery at Široki Brijeg in Herzegovina.

In 1929, he became part of the revolutionary group the Ustaše, and led a failed uprising in Lika, after which he fled to Italy. During World War II, in 1941 Artuković was named the Minister of the Interior in the newly-formed NDH.


After the war he escaped via Bleiburg and Switzerland to Ireland and then finally to California, where he lived until the mid-1980s.


His extradition was requested by the Yugoslav (Serbian) communist  authorities to be put on the trial for «war crimes»


The court in Zagreb sentenced him to death on 14 May 1986