Observing Jewish Manipulation of non-jews "Goy" Leaders

Original source: Großdeutsches Vaterland Forum





Austria - President Thomas Klestil


Bulgaria - Prime Minister Simeon II


France - President Jacques Chirac


France - Prime Minister Jean Pierre Raffarin


Germany - Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder


Germany - President Horst Kohler


Lithuania - President Rolandas Paksas


Russia - President Vladimir Putin

Ukraine - Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych

Ukraine - President Viktor Yushenko





French President Nicolas Sarkozy, a Jew himself


Jose Barroso (Prime minister of Portugal)


President of Portugal, Cavaco Silva, at the Lisbon synagogue, on the Holocaust remembrance Day



The Netherlands also has a Jew so-called U.S. Ambassador, one by the name of Roland Arnall. This Jew is a particularly nauseating and influential one of the tribe. He's №85 in the list of “400 Richest Americans,” a notorious fraud - along with his Ameriquest Capital Corp. outfit, having enriched himself over the poor in the USA with [mortgage] insurance (and other scams) - and he's one of the founders of the “Simon Wiesenthal Institute.”






Ariel Sharon with Gianfranco Fini




Romano Prodi


President of Serbia, Boris Tadic visiting Israel



US "Presidents" ruled by the Jewish power:

President Gerald Ford (1974-1977)

President Jimmy Carter (1977-1981)


President Ronald Reagan (1981-1989)


With the Bush´s

President George W. Bush


US Senators & Congressmen ruled by Jews:


Congressman Tom Davis Jr. heads
a Lubavitch Ceremony ...

Congressman Eric Cantor celebrates
with representatives of Lubavitch.

Congressman Adam Schiff even dons a Yarmulke to
publicly declare his support for the Lubavitch Movement.

Senator Al Gore (Former Vice President) sits with
representatives of the Jewish Supremacist Movement, Lubavitch.

Senator Joseph Lieberman accepts an Award from
the Washington-Based Organisation, "Friends of Lubavitch" ...

Senator Bob Dole visits followers of the
extremist Orthodox Lubavitch Movement.

Even Senator Ted Kennedy can not avoid
representatives of this Jewish Supremacist group!


Senator Rudy Boschowitz at yet another Lubavitch Award
Ceremony (Note the picture of the racist "Rebbe" in the background...)



US Governors & Mayors ruled by Jews:


Jeb Bush (Governor of Florida, and Brother of George W. Bush)
meets with representatives of the Zionist Lubavitch Movement.

Newly elected Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger,
receives a Jewish Menorah on the steps of the State Capitol,
again, from representatives of the Lubavitch Movement.

Governor Blagojevich flanked by Members of the
Jewish Supremacist Lubavitch Movement...

Former Mayor of New York, Rudi Giulliani gives a speech at a Lubavitcher
"Award" Ceremony (That’s The “Rebbe” [i.e. Rabbi Schneerson:
Former Leader of the extremist Lubavitch Movement] in the painting behind him).

Governor of New York, George Pataki, at the same Lubavitcher “Award”
ceremony. Inset: Hillary Rodham Clinton (Wife of Bill Clinton) was also in attendance
(Again, note picture of the racist "Rebbe" [i.e. "Teacher"] in the background).

Former Mayor of New York, Ed Koch meeting with the Rebbe himself.



Left to right: Rabbi Jack, Senator Obama, and Scholars
Elisheva Goldberg, Liz Rubin and Steven Paletz



Hilary Clinton

Dick Cheney

Michael Chertoff (Republican and member of Bush government, here with the accusants E. Zündel)


Joshua Bolton (Member of Bush government)

Karl Rove

Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi - Member of Bush government. Behind you can see the logo of the famous jewish organization AIPAC


North and South America:



Jean Chretein (vice chairman of Canada)


John Howard (Prime Minister of Australia)


Stephen Harper, Canadian Prime Minister


Mexico - President Vicente Fox


Guatemala - President Alfonso Portillo


Nestor Kirschner (half Jewish) meeting with the jewish community in Argentina to honor the Mossad false flag bombing of the AMIA.
With Ehud Olmert , "discussing trade" (IE strengthening the various jewish rackets in the nation).



Asia and Australia:


Turkey - Defence Minister Vecdi Gunul


Azerbaijan - President Heydar Alyev

Japan Prime Minister  -
Junichiro Koizumi

(26.04.2001 – 26.09.2006)



Australia - Prime Minister John W. Howard


Kazakhstan - President Nursultan Nazarbayev

Josefa Iloilo (President of Fuji islands)