Movies about the World Jewry



The Eternal Jew


An absolute classic National Socialist introduction and investigation into the jewish question, examining such diverse topics as how Talmudic lore governs jews in their relations to gentiles, jewish racketeering and organized crime, jew infestation of certain occupations, the horrors of kosher slaughter, and more.


Jud Süß


In the same vein of The Eternal Jew, this movie takes the form of a drama where the conniving jew Suess Oppenheimer snares a post as treasurer to the Duke of Wurttemburg As the Jew's schemes grow more elaborate and his actions more brazen, the dukedom nearly erupts into civil war. Persuaded by the Jew, the Duke all but scuttles the constitution and alienates the assembly by lifting the local ban on Jews in Stuttgart. In a final outrage, the Jew rapes a wholesome German girl and tortures her father and fiancee. When the Duke succumbs to a sudden heart attack, the assembly of Elders try the Jew and sentence him to death.



The Rothschilds' Shares in Waterloo


Judea Declares War On Germany


This video examines the reasons why National Socialism came to power, the role of the world's jews declaring war on Germany, with a healthy helping of solid revisionist research on some of the lies surrounding the "holocaust" fraud.
 Warning: Some graphic footage.


Zionist War Crimes

A graphic documentary displaying the genuine horror that people in the occupied territories experience on a daily basis, and have suffered under for the past 50 years.




(English subtitles)


An Estonian documentary made during the WWII about the Jewish-Bolshevik terror in Estonia during the period 1940- 41. Unfortunately only 21 minutes of footage survived the rest was destroyed by the jews after the war.